What Dream Makers Do

Dream Makers are people who pursue their God-inspired dreams. They take the necessary steps to make their dreams their reality.

Dream Makers understand the importance of taking action. They know that the only way they will get to where they are trying to go with their dreams is to do the hard things, the easy things, and everything else in between.

I was thinking about some of the people I know who are pursuing their dreams, achieving their goals, and simply making things happen for themselves. As I thought about them, I recognize that they do six things vital to the path of a Dream Maker.

Here are six things Dream Makers do consistently. Are you engaged in these actions too?

Create community. Having a support network is important to the Dream Maker. The people in this community are supporters who cheer the Dream Maker on. The community provides encouragement when doubt sets in. It challenges the Dream Maker to step outside of her comfort zone and to take risks. A strong community is there to celebrate the successes and to pick the Dream Maker back up when she falls.

A community comprises people who are on a level that the Dream Maker aspires to be. They can become mentors offering guidance and sometimes resources that can help take the Dream Maker further in her dream.

Stay connected to their why. A Dream Maker makes decisions that align with the reason behind her dream. She is always connected to and mindful of her why. Being grounded in her why helps to propel and push her to work hard. The why is also what keeps her from giving up and quitting when failure and setbacks occur. She knows the dream is not just about her but also about the people who will be impacted by it.
Take consistent actions. A Dream Maker understands the importance of taking action towards her dreams. She is always in a state of moving forward, engaging in activities related to the dream, whether it is making connections to establish relationships, researching a new idea, or following up with necessary phone calls or emails.

Consistent actions move a Dream Maker closer to where she wants to be and not further away from it. Even when fear looms, the Dream Maker knows she must act despite the fear and not let it sidetrack her or cause her to quit. Every step taken by the Dream Maker is one step closer to creating the life she envisions not only for herself but for those who will benefit from her diligence.

Practice self-care. She understands the value of taking care of herself. Some selfishness is necessary, but it is not to hurt others or neglect her responsibilities. Instead, self-care for the Dream Maker is a vital part of the journey. She understands that if she is not taking care of herself, she will not give her best towards her dream. The decision to not practice self-care will leave the Dream Maker feeling empty, exhausted, and frustrated. Carving out time to nurture her mind, body, and spirit is important for renewal, restoration, and sometimes her sanity.

Create systems. A Dream Maker creates systems that are uniquely designed for her and her life. Systems help to create order and eliminate chaos and clutter. The Dream Maker can be more effective, productive, and focused when there are routines and accountability in her day.

Renew their minds. Positivity and possibility are in the vocabulary of a Dream Maker. She feeds her mind with good and affirming thoughts. She uses creativity to solve challenging problems and maintains an attitude of " I can do this." The Dream Maker also has faith not only in herself but also in God, the one who placed the dream in her heart. She is unshakable in her belief that she can create the life she desires and envisions for herself.  

What are some actions that you, as a Dream Maker, engage in regularly? Post a comment or send me an email; I would love to hear from you.


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