What About My Journals After I Die

"Writing is one of the ones I participate in transformation." -Toni Cade Bambara

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What will happen to my journals after I die?
What will the readers of my journals think of me?
Does it even matter? Should it even matter?
Sometimes these questions come to mind as I write what are deeply personal thoughts and feelings onto the pages of my journal.
And sometimes there's a hesitation as I pause to give thought to the next words bubbling up inside wanting or needing to be expressed.
Would it only matter if I based my worth on the thoughts of those around me?
Would it only matter if I wanted to be remembered for the good things about me?
Or would it only matter if I didn't want the messy parts of my life, of who I am to be known?
Journals are private. They are a safe place to land; a refuge when life seems crazy and overwhelming. Journals are also a place to figure out who you are, what you think, feel, and believe about yourself and the world around you.
Journals at their essence, are about our humanness.
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