Living My Purpose

"Move forward in your purpose." - Tara Pray

Today is the official launch of!

This site has been in the making for a long time. The back story of how it all came together is a long and winding road with lots of rest stops along the way. Most of the stops were simply because of me. I kept getting caught up in the fear and doubt of what it would mean to follow my heart's desire and do what I was called to do. I mean I have always been in the business of helping people, but is different. This is about making all the ideas in my head come to life. It's about listening to the things God has placed on my heart and having faith in Him and myself to make them come true. It's also about helping you do the same.

My vision for is huge. I want to become a place where women can really learn to live their God-inspired dreams by providing valuable products and services. is a place where I will not only curate great content but also create it.

There are many reasons why has come to fruition. In future posts, I will share some more of the back story as a source of inspiration for you and other women who are on the road to living their lives dreams. But ultimately this site is about you. Providing you with the ideas, information, and inspiration you need to do what is in your heart.

So, what to expect? Informative posts, valuable content and mega inspiration. Great things are on the way so, make sure you sign up on my mailing list. Also, check me out on Google+ and Pinterest.


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