God Inspired Dreams

"I have spent my days stringing and unstringing my instrument, while the song I came to sing remains unsung." -Tagore

Living out our dreams can be exciting, invigorating, challenging and downright scary. It's the scary part that tends to stop people dead in their tracks. Often times dreams go unrealized because we allow fear to do a number on us. We fall into the trap of thinking of zillions of reasons of why this dream, that is so deeply embedded into our hearts, will never come true. Fear is so powerful that it can rob us not only of our time but also of doing the things we know we were created to do.

Like the quote by Tagore, I too spent a lot of time stringing and unstringing my instrument. There were reasons why some legit, but mostly just excuses. The biggest hindrance was fear not only of failing, but what if (gulp)... I succeeded??? To some, it may sound strange to be afraid of success, but I'm not alone in this. That may be one of your fears too.

Each day we awake, we are given the chance to live fully and intentionally. Part of that involves doing what we were created to do and living our dreams. The dreams I am referring to are the ones that no matter how hard you try to ignore, avoid, or run away from, you just can't because they are in you. The dream He has placed in your heart, the one that just can't let go of no matter how crazy or illogical it may seem, that is yours to do. That is the "song" you have come to sing.

So the question remains how long will those songs remain unheard by the people who need to hear them the most? God inspired dreams are not just for you, they are for everyone who needs whatever your unique gifts and talents may be. The God inspired dreams in each of us are tied to our purpose and they must be released into the world.

What song is in your heart that remains unsung? How long will you continue to string and unstring your instrument?

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