The Writings of Your Heart

" Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart." -William Wordsworth

At last count, I have 15 journals.

Some are large others are small.

Some have lined pages others, the pages are blank.

Some of my journals have beautiful covers, others consist of words on the front that simply
say one subject notebook.

I have many journals because I love to write. Journaling is my way of being able to make sense of the world, my thoughts and feelings. Writing in my journal calms my spirit when I am anxious. It is a safe place for my anger to rest when I need to express it in a way that is healthy. It's where my joys and accomplishments are recorded. I can look back and remember all that I have done and am capable of doing.

The things I journal about:
  • my thoughts and feelings
  • my ideas
  • doodles
  • dreams
  • prayers
  • questions
  • books I want to read/ have read
  • quotes
  • poems
  • reflections
  • things I want to do
  • places I want to go
  • information that I want to research further
  • bible study notes
  • and anything else that strikes me
Journaling is a significant part of my life. Wherever I go you will always find a journal and pens in my bag. God can speak at any moment and I must be prepared to write down what he wants to put into my heart.

What about you? Do you keep a journal?

Writing things down is proven to have many benefits. It helps with depression and anxiety. Journaling can help you deal with health conditions such as high blood pressure and weight loss. It also is an effective spiritual discipline helping to not only bring you closer to God but also to a greater understanding of who you are in Him.


If you are not a journal writer, I encourage you to try it today. Signing up for the Pen*Paper*Write Journaling Series is a great way to get started.

Also, check out my Guest Post. Mari McCarthy creator of this fabulous site offers ideas, books, and classes all about journal writing.

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