What's On Your Mind?

"Fear Is Only As Deep As The Mind Allows."-unknown

What's on your mind? What fears do you have that have stopped you from living your dreams and your purpose?

Fear's potential power is undeniable. It is the one thing that has time and time again stopped people from pursuing their dreams. When you operate from the place of fear, your mind has convinced you of things happening that may never come to fruition or of things that simply are not true.

For a long time, I lived in fear and it delayed the start of my business. The vision for it had been given to me years ago. There finally came a time when I had to decide to no longer let my fears be in control, but instead let my faith lead the way.

In order to make this decision, I had to really look at the thoughts I was allowing to enter and occupy space in my mind. Most of these thoughts of fear were rooted in how I saw myself. I had wrongly convinced myself that I wasn't worthy and because of this, my dreams laid dormant. When you don't think well of yourself, it limits what you can or will do.

I was simply playing small in the world because I was afraid.

To overcome these insecure thoughts I had to make some changes. There were a few things I did (and continue to do) that have made a huge difference.

  • I made a decision. I decided that my faith was going to be bigger than my fears. I decided that I wanted to do what God was calling me to do and that meant trusting Him as I pursued my dreams.
  • I choose to remember what He says about me. One of my favorite verses of scripture is Psalms 139:14 where I am reminded that I am "... fearfully and wonderfully made." This is the verse I look to when I have moments of insecurity. I remember what I know for sure about myself. I reflect on my character strengths and accomplishments as reminders that I am worthy.
  • I acknowledged my fears. I know some level of fear will always be present as I continue to grow, learn and have new experiences. I have learned to accept this and now instead of trying to fight and resist fear, I see it as a companion on my journey. Fear's power is only as large as I allow it to be.
  • I challenged myself to do new things that take me out of my comfort zone. Besides taking on the awesome challenge of entering the world of self-employment, a few months back I accomplished something I never thought I would be able to do. I ran my first 5k marathon after training for 12 weeks. The level of commitment to show up 3x per week to run with my group and to be able to accomplish what I set out to do increased my level of self- worth.
  • I have people in my life who know my worth and remind me of it. People in my corner who get me is very important and makes a difference in the quality of my life.

What's on your mind? What fears have been holding you back from your dreams?  Leave a comment or send me an email. Share this with someone you know.

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