Purpose Simplified

"The purpose of life is a life of purpose." - Robert Byrne

In my e-workbook Journaling to Your Purpose, I wrote about these two simple ideas;

Our purpose is not something we have to look for because it is not lost.


Journal writing is a good way to get clear about the purpose of our lives.

The goal of these two ideas was to uncomplicate a topic that many people find complicated.

The truth of the matter is purpose only becomes complicated and confusing when we focus on everything and everyone outside of who God has created us to be.

Learning to block out the noise of the world is key to discovering what’s already inside.

By definition, purpose is the reason why someone or something exists. We were all created for a reason and our purpose is waiting to be birthed into the world. It is our responsibility to uncover it and share it with others.

Uncovering purpose becomes easier when the focus is just on you and God. What I have learned about purpose based on my experience and in helping many people gain clarity in their lives is we already know the answer to the purpose question.

We really do. It just somehow gets pushed down by this thing called life; you know bills, relationships, other people’s opinions, fear, and the list goes on and on.

Our life’s purpose was placed inside each of us before we were born. In God’s great wisdom and imagination, he knew why he was creating us. He gave each of us unique qualities and abilities that make us who we are. It is when we pay attention to the essence of who we are we can begin to connect to our purpose.

Clues about my purpose were always making repeat appearances in my life. When I look back, I can see numerous times where I was being called to writing and teaching. I would write articles, short stories, and poems and keep them in a bag. I did not understand there was a purpose behind my desire to write.

And in my professional career as a social worker, I shared with people ideas and information that enabled them to make the changes they wanted in their lives. I was using my gifts of listening, compassion, and teaching to help people.

While I was writing and using my gifts in my career, I still struggled with knowing my purpose. I always felt there was something else I was called to do.

To get clear about why I was created I began with silence, a journal, and a pen. It was during my quiet times that I was able to connect the dots between my desire to write and my experiences in helping others. When I brought these two together, I was led to my God-inspired dream and created wordsbytara.com.

When we make space for times of silence to focus on God and ourselves, we give purpose room to emerge. Putting our thoughts and feelings down on paper, talking to God, being willing to listen to what he has to say, and to what our lives have been saying to us, is the foundation in which purpose can be uncovered.

When we are living our lives from a place of purpose we can’t fail because God gave this to us. He makes all the provisions necessary for our purpose to be fulfilled. We just have to be willing to listen and do what is required.

In the e-workbook, Journaling to the Purpose, you will be able to uncover and connect to your purpose through journaling, scripture readings, and quotes for inspiration. By completing the exercises in the e-workbook, you will be able to gain clarity about your gifts, abilities and why you were created.

You can click here to purchase the e-workbook.

And as always sharing is a good thing. If you know anyone who has been trying to identify their purpose in life share this article with them.

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