How to Manage Fear and Doubt

Part Four of the Dream Makers Series

You have a dream. A dream you have held for a long time.

You have thought about it.

You have fantasized about it.

You have talked about it.

You have created a plan for it.

Perhaps you have even made attempts to live it.

But then something happened. Maybe fear and doubt got in the way.

Maybe life pulled you in a different direction. Your obligations and responsibilities demanded more of your time and efforts.

Or maybe you started to go in the direction of your dreams, and then you quit. What you once thought was possible, you now think is not possible at all.

But… the dream has not died. It is still alive, beating strong within the deepest parts of who you are. No matter how many times you tried to ignore it, pretended it did not exist, refused to take ownership of it, it remained. It has never gone away.

Your God-inspired dream will not leave you. It is what you were created for and is directly tied to your purpose and needs to be expressed. Your dream is a perfect representation of who you are, of all the things that make you unique and special. Your dream is waiting for you.

How do you live the dream God has given to you? And how do you handle the fears and doubts when they arise?
You begin to live the dream by taking the first step, which is to say yes. Recognize and understand that your dream belongs to you, and sitting on the sidelines of your dream can no longer continue to be an option.

What does saying Yes mean?
Saying yes affirms your dream. You are making a commitment to yourself, your dream, God, and all the people who need what your dream has to offer.

See, a God-inspired dream is not just about you; it is also about serving others and making a positive difference in their lives. Your God-inspired dream will affect people. Some people need your gifts, talents, skills, and experiences. Some will be people you know, but many you will never meet, and yet your dream has the potential to impact their lives in ways you can not even begin to imagine.

Your yes is for everyone to whom your dream will connect you to. People and their lives will be impacted because you had the courage to take the first step, to walk in faith, and to move in the direction of your dreams.

But I am afraid to say yes, and I have doubts.
It's okay and normal to be afraid and to have doubts. Both, on some level, will always be with you because you are moving into unknown spaces and will be exposed to new experiences. These experiences will require you to step up to your dream in big ways. As you move in the direction of your dream, the power of fear and doubt will diminish each time you do the things you are afraid of. Your confidence in your dream and in yourself will grow. Taking on new experiences will become less daunting, and you will learn that you are more than capable of doing the things that at one time seemed impossible.

After I say yes, then what do I do?
First, saying yes is not a one-time thing. A daily commitment to your dream is required. Saying yes will not only be about the words you speak but also about the actions you take. When becoming a Dream Maker, it is easy to become discouraged and to have doubts. It's also easy to want to give up when things are not working out or when it seems like every obstacle and challenge imaginable keeps showing up. Or when everyone around you thinks you are wasting your time pursuing your dream.

But your commitment is what will keep you connected to your dream and to why you are pursuing it in the first place. Your inner resolve is strengthened as you continue to move forward, striving to have your dreams become your reality.

Second, taking action is critical to your God-inspired dream because, without it, your dream will remain an abstract idea. Intentional actions carried out regularly give life to your dream. Action is how things get done, and it's what takes you from where you are to where you want to be. Also, taking action is the best way to manage your fears and doubts.

Journal writing is key to managing your feelings and creating an intentional action plan. Write in full detail what your God-inspired dream is and why you want to pursue it. Create a simple action plan aligned with your dream and implement it over the next five days. So whether it's calling someone to schedule a meeting, writing the outline for your book, or going to look at office space, whatever your dream requires you to do, those are the steps to take.

You are not alone.
Saying yes is an exercise in faith, faith not only in yourself but also in God. Your dream was given to you by Him, and He will be with you every step of the way. He has given you everything you need to make your God-inspired dreams your reality and to have your dream make a positive impact in the lives of others.

Also, dreams need to be nurtured not only by you but by other people too. It is important to engage with people who believe in you and in what you are doing. Create a community by surrounding yourself with people who will support, encourage and nurture you and your dream.

An Important Reminder
You are uniquely qualified to live your dream because your dream is uniquely yours. Every step taken towards your dream breathes life into it. Each step lays the foundation for the next step to appear. And each step also gives you the confidence that you can take the next one, bringing you closer to having your dream fully realized.

Your dream will demand much from you. Your dream will stretch and challenge you. There will be wonderful surprises and amazing successes along the way. There will also be setbacks and disappointments too. 

But in the end, saying yes and doing what your dream requires is worth it. It is worth no longer sitting back watching the years of your life go by and regretting that you never listened to the dream in your heart. It is also worth it because you have something unique and special that the world needs and is waiting to receive. And finally, it is worth it because it puts you in the position of living out your purpose.

What steps will you take today? Will you say “yes” to your dreams? Send me an email; I would love to hear from you.


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