Discouragement in Business

 I am sharing a piece I wrote for cwahm.com. This piece focuses on small businesses, but the tips apply to any area of life where you feel discouraged. 

It is unavoidable. Feelings of discouragement will be experienced as an entrepreneur but learning how to handle them is vital to the future success of your business. Discouragement, if allowed to linger too long, can take you off your path. It can make it easier to throw in the towel on your business dreams. Discouragement can also shake your confidence to its’ core and make you second guess yourself.
So what does it mean to be discouraged?
Inside the word, discouragement is the word courage. Courage is the ability to be fearless, to face anything dangerous, painful, or difficult. Discouragement then is to be without courage. The courage that you once had has now gone away. You no longer approach your business from a place of strength and faith but instead from a place of fear and hesitation.
But… it can come back. Discouragement can turn to Courage again.
What are ways you handle discouragement? Post a comment or send me an email; I would love to hear from you.
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