Short Musings on Staying True, Doors, Risks and Freedom

Short Musings is a collection of random writing ideas of 300 words or less

Stay True - It is easy to get caught up in what other people are doing and their success. It is also easy to allow doubt and comparison to get in the way of our purpose. But at the end of the day, I have to remain true to myself. The path I am on will not look like anyone else's and will not require me to do what everyone else is doing. My path requires me to move in ways that are unique to me and to what God has created for me to do.

Closed Doors Now Are Opened Doors- Doors are important and necessary. They help to keep us safe and protected from the outside world. But doors are also symbolic of opportunities. There is much to be experienced on the other side of a closed door. The closed doors that once reflected my feelings of being trapped and stuck in my life; now represent the opportunities and possibilities that await me.

Risks- I am willing to risk the safety that comes with staying in my comfort zone. In order to have my dreams realized, sometimes I have to move away from the familiar into the unknown.

Freedom- You can be externally free while your heart remains in bondage. 


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