On a recent trip to Washington, DC, I enjoyed many things: the food, the people, the sites, and the creative inspiration that was evident everywhere I looked. For example, we came upon a man who had turned commercial-sized paint cans into a drum set and was entertaining the people who walked by and earning money from his creativity.
Most people do not see themselves as creative. When we think of someone as creative, we tend to think of singers, dancers, artists, writers, and musicians. But being a creative person includes these talents and so much more.
You can be creative in your parenting, in how you dress, how you decorate your home, and in your ability to problem-solve. Creativity can also be expressed through the beautiful gardens you grow and the mouth-watering meals you cook.
Even when pursuing your God-inspired dreams, creativity is needed. There may be times when out the box thinking is required to take your dreams to the next level.
What are some other ways creativity is expressed? What are some childhood memories do you have that reflect how you expressed your creative self. Do you even see yourself as a creative person?
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