We Get To Decide

Indecisiveness hindered me (and if I am honest, it still throws me for a loop sometimes). I spent many years in a place of not being about to decide about my dreams and my purpose. I was inquisitive about people who seemed able to create the lives they wanted, the people who were able to live in their purpose, and who listened to their dreams. I would often wonder if they had a special something that I was missing because they could do the things I only imagined doing. Was there a special key to unlock the mystery of what it took to make their dreams their reality?
These were the types of questions I searched for the answers to in books, magazines, and interviews with successful people, trying to figure out what I needed to do to live my dreams.
I have come to understand that the changes we seek for our lives happen when we decide and then stick to it. This is what the people I was reading about and listening to knew, and it is what I now know to be true for myself. There is power in making a decision. We get to decide who we want to be and the type of life we want to live. And once we decide, our thoughts and actions must come into alignment with our decisions.
When we follow through on our decisions, there will be challenges that we will encounter, but even in those moments, we still get to make a choice. We get to choose how we will respond to whatever and whoever tries to take us off course.  
I also learned that we do not have to look outside of ourselves for the answers to our questions about our purpose and dreams. The answers are already inside of us, waiting to be discovered. Even when we face difficult decisions in our lives, more times than not, we already know what we should do. It is only when we allow things outside of ourselves to come into play we become confused and unsure about what our next steps should be.
Nothing can change until we decide to make a change. You can never know what your life can truly be and the value in pursuing your dreams to the fullest until you start moving towards your heart’s desires.
What do you need to decide today? Send me an email and let me know. I would love to hear from you and offer some words of encouragement.
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