Passions, Dreams and Experiences

The dreams we hold close to our hearts, the passions that arise from things we love and hate, or our lives' experiences are all clues about how we are to serve and express our purpose.

Purpose can be found in the experiences of our lives where there may have been great joy or pain. It can be overlooked in our talents and gifts because they come naturally to us. Purpose can be grand, like becoming a world-renowned doctor who finds a cure for a deadly disease or something smaller like creating beautiful gardens for others to enjoy. No matter your purpose, remain mindful of the important role it plays in the life God wants for you.

Many of us already have an idea of our purpose, but sometimes we lose sight of it as we go through life. The connection to the deepest parts of who we are is masked by things outside of us. Responsibilities, other people’s ideas and opinions about us and our life, fear, insecurity, lack of time, or lack of money are often blocks to our purpose.

When we remove all the blocks and go back to God, purpose becomes clearer. Uncovering our purpose is learning to go inside ourselves for the answers. Often we spend too much time looking outside ourselves for what God has already placed in us. He has given us everything we need to do what we were created to do.

This is an excerpt from my e-workbook, Journaling to Your Purposewhich helps you discover and express your purpose.

Exercise II
In this exercise, completing the journal writing prompts will encourage you to look at your passions, dreams and life experiences as signs pointing you in the direction of your purpose. Respond openly and honestly to each prompt.

I am at my happiest when...

I am most bothered...

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