Short Musings on Decisions, Risks and Expression

Short Musings is a random collection of writing ideas of 300 words or less

You Gotta Have Faith. Even when you are afraid, when you doubt, when everything and everyone around you is in direct opposition to your dreams, keep believing in what is possible. Keep moving towards the life you desire and stay rooted in faith.

We Get To Decide. There is power in making a decision. We get to decide who we want to be and the type of life we want to live. And once we decide, our thoughts and actions must come in alignment with our decisions.

Taking Risks. Are you willing to move from the familiar to the unknown? The change we desire in our lives can only occur when we are willing to stretch beyond the limitations we have placed on ourselves. It is the ability to move outside of our comfort zones, to walk a new path, to do a new thing, that will bring us one step closer to the life we seek.

Expression. Writing down our thoughts and feelings can help us find clarity when feeling confused, direction when feeling lost, and the answers to problems when it seems there are no solutions.


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