Short Musings on Courage, Your Thoughts, and Beautiful Dreams

Short Musings is a random collection of writing ideas of 300 words or less.

Courage. Pursuing your dreams and creating the life you desire requires courage. Even when we are afraid, we still have to do the things we need to do that will help us get to where we want to go. How much courage do you have to go after your God-inspired dreams?

Your Thoughts. What are you thinking, believing, and saying about yourself and your life? 
What we think, believe, and say matters. Our words directly impact what we choose to do or not to do when creating the life we desire. What we focus on most has the tendency to manifest itself in our lives.

Beautiful Dreams. There is a quote by Frank Tyger that says, "Most barriers to your success are man-made. And most often, you are the man who made them." One of the biggest barriers we create exists in our minds. How we see ourselves, our experiences, gifts, and talents can be the biggest barrier to overcome if our thoughts are rooted in fear, doubt, or insecurity.

Do a thought check today. Are you building barriers in your mind? What words are you thinking, believing, and speaking about yourself and your life? Are these words aligned with your actions? And are your thoughts and actions taking you closer or further away from your dreams and the life you desire?

When we believe in the beauty of our dreams, we take action by doing the things necessary for our dreams to be realized. Intentional and consistent actions always move us closer to where we want to be. Every step taken in the direction of our God-inspired dreams brings us closer to the life we envision, not only for ourselves but also for those who will be impacted by our willingness to believe and act.


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