Ten Principles for Authentic Self-Care

When you decide to pursue your God-inspired dreams, it stretches and challenges you in ways that you may not have imagined and shapes you into becoming more of who you are at your core. While pursuing your dreams, it is important to remember to take care of yourself internally. Many of the activities associated with self-care in our society focus on things outside of ourselves, but it is equally important to take care of our inner lives.

I created ten principles that help you to go within as you practice self-care. Each principle I am working towards implementing into my life consistently, and I invite you to consider doing the same.

Ten Principles

1. Think and speak kind words. Our self-talk is critical to our self-care. There is power in the words we think about ourselves and in what we say to ourselves about who we are. Our words matter, and they directly impact our actions, feelings, and relationships. Choose your words wisely.

2. Live from a place of truth. Remain grounded in the values and beliefs that are a true reflection of who you are and what matters most to you. Guard against taking on the views of other people (i.e., family, friends, or society at large) that do not fit you or your life.

3. Let go of what does not belong to you. Release people, things, ideas, and beliefs that no longer serve the person you are and who you are becoming. Decide to no longer hold onto anything or anyone that hinders the progress and the next level of living you seek to experience.

4. Listen to and trust the quiet, still voice inside of you. Create regular moments of silence and tune into what your soul wants and needs. Trust your inner voice and acknowledge the value it brings to your life. Let it be your guide; it will always point you towards your next right step.

5. Be open to life and how it shows up. Resist less and surrender more to what is. Listen to your life and move in the direction it wants to go. View your experiences, the good and the bad, as opportunities for personal growth and be willing to learn the valuable lessons that these experiences want to teach.

6. Align your inner life with your outer life. What you say, do, believe, and feel must be in harmony with each other.

7. Show up for yourself. Be a priority in your life. Demonstrate continuous love, nurturance, and compassion towards yourself. Allow this to be a powerful demonstration to others of how they should care for you as well.

8. Own your feelings. Feel your feelings—all of them. Sit with them. Experience them. And then positively release them. Refuse to numb yourself with mindless and unhealthy habits. Instead, have the courage to face your feelings and choose to engage in activities that promote healing and wholeness.

9. Appreciate your body. Express gratitude for what your body can do. Refrain from negative body talk or the comparison trap. Nourish it with healthy foods, rest, and movement. Your body is a temple worthy of being honored, cared for, and loved.

10. Be confident in the spaces you occupy. Be sure of who you are, just as you are. Let your light shine, and don't allow it to be dimmed by anyone, including yourself.


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