Are You A Dream Maker

Part Two of the Dream Makers Series

Dreams are realized when the Dream Maker does what is required. 

We live in a time when you see images that highlight the good parts of a person’s life but rarely do we see the struggle if you look on TV, Facebook, or Instagram. A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon a web series entitled Black, Married & Hustling that offered a glimpse into the ups and downs of being a dream maker. The creator of the series, LC Johnson, each week took us behind the scenes as she followed her dreams of self-employment. She bravely showed us some of the not so pretty sides of being a Dream Maker, whether managing her emotions, financial concerns, or balancing her entrepreneurial dreams with being married. 

LC was willing to pull the curtain back on her life and offer us the realities of what it meant to listen to and follow your heart. Watching the series and looking at my own struggles with pursuing my writing dreams highlighted some of the important qualities of a Dream Maker.

Are you a Dream Maker? Are you a person who is about making her dreams a reality? 


Committed. They do not waver in their dream, no matter the challenges or obstacles. Dream makers are always focused on the bigger picture. They don't quit or abandon their dreams.

Purpose Seekers. They understand their dream is a direct reflection of their life’s purpose. Dream makers know there is a purpose for their lives and seek to live it out.

Faith Walkers. They have faith in themselves and in God. Dream makers don’t have all the answers but know the answers they need will be provided for them.

Fear Conquers. They recognize fear, embrace it, and move forward despite it. Fear does not rule in the life of a dream maker.

Risk Takers. They step outside their comfort zone as a daily practice. Dream makers understand to get to where they want to go, they have to do things they may never have done before.

Servers. They understand their dream is bigger than themselves. Dream makers recognize the dreams they hold are about serving others and making a difference in people's lives.

Authentic. They show up in the world as themselves. Dream makers don’t try to be anyone other than who they are. The beautiful and flawed parts of who they are honored and reflected in their dreams.

Time Managers. Time is seen as a precious commodity. They understand that every day is a gift and is not wasted on things that take them away from their dreams. 


What are some other qualities that a Dream Maker possesses?  Send me an email at and let me know what you think.

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The Black, Married & Hustling series became the inspiration for my own podcast, where I shared my journey towards becoming a successful, self-employed writer who uses her words to make a difference in women's lives. 

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