Four Questions To Unravel Your Life

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I recently forgot the importance of trusting my inner voice. My life was changing, which meant there were decisions I needed to make, but instead of deciding, I found myself reverting back to an old habit of overthinking everything. I was spending too much time in my head wrestling with the choices, weighing the pros and cons, and searching for guarantees that didn’t exist.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed by the need to make big life decisions, I cling tightly to what is familiar and comfortable despite knowing that change is necessary and inevitable.

Realizing what was happening to me, I reached out to a friend and was reminded I needed to go back to the blank page. I am an avid journal writer, but I tried to figure out everything in my head instead of writing. This gentle reminder led me back to my journal and to one of my favorite techniques, called the Four Questions. Without fail, these questions always help me gain clarity about what matters most and to reconnect with what I already know to be true about my life. Often, we become confused and unsure about what we want because fear and doubt have tried to rob us of what we already know.

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