Short Musings on Dreams, Stagnation, Gratitude and Life's Challenges

Short Musings is a random collection of writing ideas of 300 words or less.

Dreams. Every day, we are given a chance to live fully and intentionally. Part of that involves doing what we were created to do and living our dreams. The dreams I am referring to are that no matter how hard you try to ignore, avoid, or run away from, you just can't because they are in you. The dream He has placed in your heart, the one that just can't let go of no matter how crazy or illogical it may seem, that is yours to do.

Stagnation. There is a purpose in being stuck. And when we enter those times where nothing seems to be changing, we need to have open hearts and minds to be present for the lessons this season of life wants to teach. The times of stagnation are when we are standing on fertile ground, ground that is primed for amazing transformation and blessings to grow from and for the movement of life to begin again. 

Gratitude. At its core, giving thanks is about perspective and how you choose to see the world. To be honest, it is easier to find all the wrong things. But it takes more effort to find the right things. And the payoff in doing so is beyond measure. Taking on the posture of thanksgiving lifts your spirit, reduces the heavy load you carry in your heart about the things that are not right in your life and feeds the idea of possibility; that if I can recognize a few things to be grateful for, imagine what more is waiting for me.

Life's Challenges. Everything in life, whether good or bad, happens for a reason. While we all love it when life is great, we also know those times won't always last. When the sunny days turn into gray ones, we want them to be over quickly. We want the sunshine to come back and the difficult experiences of grief, pain, loss, or loneliness to go away. But in those dark times, purpose can be discovered. There are lessons in our experiences. We learn when we emerge from the darkness to serve someone else who is also going through their own challenges. Nothing is wasted if we recognize the gifts that the messy, hard parts of life offer us and be open to receiving them.

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