Short Musings On Resistance, Service and Life

Short Musings is a random collection of writing ideas of 300 words or less.

Resistance. When we resist the pain, it blocks the new thing that is trying to emerge. The more we resist, the more the pain intensifies. Lean into the pain and accept what is to begin to heal and ultimately transform yourself and your life.

Service. Everyone has something they were created to do in this world; even if you don’t think so, you really do. Our purpose and God-inspired dreams are always bigger than us because they are about honoring God and serving others. Our gifts, talents, passions, and experiences are not meant for us to hold onto and never share them with others. Instead, a God-inspired dream is how our purpose is expressed. It is essential to understand this, honor it and then do something about it.

Life. This is how life works. We do our part, and God does His. But in the process, we must not become attached to a specific outcome simply because things do not always happen the way we imagine. Instead, we do all that is required of us, and then we surrender, believing that everything will turn out exactly how it is supposed to.


Share with someone you know. Sharing is a good thing!

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