Business Dreams

Many years ago, I had a small business in the direct selling industry and I loved it! I sold beauty products, but what really excited me was the opportunity to help other women grow their businesses too.

A couple of older women, who were top sellers, took me under their wings, taught me everything they knew, supported me, and were equally excited to see me succeed and I did. 

What also was a tremendous part of my success was my relationship with God and understanding how he played a major role in that little business I was slowly growing.

God gives us all different types of dreams and for some, that includes working for themselves. His word has a lot to say about business, integrity, ethics, service, and being in a relationship with customers. 

Since starting four years ago, I have come to understand, even more, the importance of being in alignment with Him. 

My new ebook, Business God’s Way: Encouragement for the Woman Growing A Small Business, is being released soon.

It's a collection of short essays intertwined with stories from the Bible that provide encouragement for navigating the challenges of growing a small business.

It's also an invitation for deeper reflection about your business and how to determine if it's aligned with God. 

The ebook is now available and you can order your copy today by clicking here.

What's your God-inspired business dream? Share in the comments.

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