Welcome to wordsbytara.com

The place for ideas, information and inspiration for your life and your God-inspired dreams. Here you will find articles about self-care, spirituality, dream making, and my writing life.

Purpose: I write with the hope that something I share will empower you to go boldly after your God-inspired dreams and live a life that is based upon purpose and meaning.

About Me 
Hello, I'm Tara, creator of wordsbytara.com. I'm a writer and a big believer in the idea that anything is possible. I believe God is at the center of who I am and is a powerful force in my life as well as yours.

The inspiration for this site is built upon my God-inspired dream to be a writer who uses her words to make a difference in the lives of women. 

I spent many years resisting my dream simply because of fear. I know what it is to have a dream burning in your heart and being afraid to pursue it.

What changed for me was when I made the decision to say "Yes" to my dream and then I took action. I believe when we are aligned with God he will give us everything we need to be successful. We just have to decide and then start to walk in faith.

So thanks for stopping by and I hope something on these pages will move you closer to living a more authentic life that is built upon your faith and your God-inspired dreams.

But before you go, here are 11 Random Things About Me

*I'm an NJ native living in GA.

*I write essays, poems, and short stories.
*I'm a mom with two children.
*I have a master's degree in social work.
*As a kid I used to write summaries about Good Times and Little House on the Prairie episodes.
*I LOVE historic houses and buildings.
*I like to doodle, color, paint and create collages.
*Maxwell is the only singer I will pay to see in concert. I've seen him twice.
*I once wrote and directed a Christmas play.
*Parks and near the water are my favorite places to be in nature.
*I completed a 5k race.

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