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Services and Products

Writing Services

I write content for online and print publications that focus on these areas:

self-care *journal writing *mental wellness *spirituality *purpose

If you need great content that provides valuable information for your readers then contact me to further discuss working together. Click here to read some of my published work.


Journal Guide: Self-Care From The Inside Out

Journal writing is a powerful tool for self-care, self-expression, self-discovery, and healing.

If you are new to journaling, advanced, or somewhere in between, this self-paced guide is an invitation to explore what self-care looks and feels like in your life from the inside out.

This 38-page guide is centered around a quote that aligns with the identified theme. Through the use of journal prompts, affirmations, additional quotes, a creative journaling exercise, a curated list of theme-related resources, and reflection pages for your thoughts and feelings; you are guided towards the exploration of self-care in a deeper way.

Cost: $12.99  Order Here

Journaling To Your Purpose: A workbook for discovering and planning to live in your purpose

This 52-page workbook will help you to discover and plan to live your purpose. It's filled with 
journal writing exercises, scripture verses, quotes, prayers, tips, and space for you to write down your thoughts and ideas.  

This workbook is for the person who:                                           

* Is asking, "What is my purpose?"
* Has the gnawing feeling of wanting to do more with her life.
* Keeps thinking, "Maybe someday I will..."
* Knows her purpose, but is not living it.
* Is ready to live her life's purpose.

 Cost: $11.99 Buy Now  

Business God's Way is a collection of short articles written to provide encouragement as you navigate the challenges in building a small business. It's also an invitation to reflect deeper on your business and how to better align it with God.

 Cost: $9.99 Order Here

Connecting Deeper to Your God Inspired Dreams E-Study is designed to help you connect deeper to your dreams in a new and meaningful way. Over the course of seven days, you will explore the themes of silence, purpose, bravery, belief, growth, identity, and commitment from a Biblical perspective. At the conclusion of the e-study, you will have gained a deeper connection to your God-inspired dreams and a richer spiritual life.

Cost: Pay What You Want To Buy Now